Looking for New Ways to Save a Few Pennies in the Kitchen? 

Posted: July 10, 2018

Our kitchens can cost us a fortune over the course of a year, but there are ways to minimise your outgoings. Many of the following hacks require you to take a pro-active approach to how you manage your kitchen, that means forming new habits that might be a little fussy to start with but should prove helpful in the long run.

If you’re fed up of watching your pennies slip down the drain, try one of these lifestyle tips to see if you can catch them before they’ve even hit the sink:

Fix simple appliance problems yourself

Not every broken appliance requires a call-out. Sometimes accidents happen: maybe an overzealous young chef has made off with a few of your oven knobs, or a fridge-seal has come loose whilst you’re cleaning it – there’s no need to panic as a spare part is just a click away.

These minor mishaps can be easily rectified by tracking down the right spare part and fitting them yourself. Picking up a spare part for your appliance is as simple as finding the model number on your appliance and taking a look through our catalogue of spares; however for more technical issues it’s always best to contact a professional.

Treat your white goods with respect

It should go without saying that in order to get the most mileage out of your white goods you should treat them with care. Whilst we’re not suggesting that you should be constantly treading on egg-shells whilst you’re using your kitchen, by maintaining your appliances you’ll be able to get much more use out of them.

Give your fridge a regular clean and pack it sensibly; use your oven in larger single sessions rather than frequent shorter ones and keep your dishwasher humming along with regular doses of rinse-aid. These small jobs will put you in good stead for the future, so it will be longer before you need to upgrade your appliances.

You are what you eat!

What you put in your fridge is as important as how well you treat it. Although how you choose to feed yourself and your household will most likely be dictated by your budget, how many mouths you have to feed and how much time you have on your hands; there are still a few sure-fire tricks that should save you money.

Reducing waste and shopping efficiently are two lifestyle choices that could save you money in the long run. Plan your meals in advance so that every day of the week is accounted for and try to only buy as much food as your household needs so that you don’t waste any produce. Seasonal groceries are usually cheaper than imported goods, just make sure that you eat them all whilst they’re fresh!

Buy Cleaning Products in Bundles

Whilst some house proud cleaners will swear by certain brands being more effective than others, it’s simply not economical to remain loyal to one particular product. The cost of big brand cleaning products are always much higher than non-branded rivals, whilst their efficiency remains a point of contention amongst avid cleaners.

Try buying your cleaning products in bulk instead of opting for your favourite cleaning product at full price. By purchasing all of your cleaning basics in one of our bundles you can save time and ensure that you always have what you need to stay on top of your chores. Our Range Cooker, Hob and Fridge care packs are perfect for those looking to keep their appliances in tip-top shape without spending a fortune.

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