My Darling Clementine 

Posted: December 01, 2017

December rolls around and suddenly the sweet scent of clementine surrounds us. These juicy sweet treats are thought to be a hybrid of a tangerine and a sweet orange but don't underestimate these babies. They are super versatile!

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Their sweet juiciness appeals to both young and old.

Nadiya Hussain utilises these citrus gems in her tasty Clementine and Cod curry. Why not give this recipe a try for a tasty warming twist on this humble winter fruit. In just 30 minutes you could be serving up this crowd pleasing curry.

Savoury not for you? Then give Rick Stein's Clementine and Almond cake a whirl. Ready in just over an hour, we promise this pud is well worth the wait. 

An Apple A Day 

Posted: September 25, 2017

On 21st October, why not join us in celebrating all things apple?  The apple is one of the UK’s most diverse and versatile fruits, and an amazing 3000 varieties have been grown here.  Launched in 1990 by charity Common Ground who were saddened by the loss of many traditional orchards, Apple Day began in the old Apple Market in London’s Covent Garden, when the charity brought fruit into the market for the first time in 16 years.  It has since become an integral part of the annual calendar in many villages, local authorities and city markets.

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Around the UK, you’ll find numerous apple tastings, baking demonstrations, cider making, apple juice pressing and fruit growers giving advice on pruning and grafting, as well as experts giving tips on apple identification.  But it’s not all about eating and drinking.  Look carefully and you’ll also find a wide range of games and creative activities, featuring everything from apple printing to poetry evenings.

Apple Day is supported by a diverse range of organisations, such as the National Trust, Women’s Institute, museums, galleries, shops, restaurants and even doctors and healthcare charities, so don’t be surprised to see an apple themed event popping up near you.

And if you do one thing on 21st October, make sure that you eat a delicious British apple.

Seasonal Recipes 

Posted: September 20, 2017

October sees a move towards hot comfort food and traditional recipes, with deep and warming flavours such as celeriac, squash, hearty root vegetables, wild mushrooms, game, and pie-friendly blackberries and apples.

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It’s a perfect month to try a traditional favourite such as a pastry topped chicken pie – ideal served with a buttery mash or a simple side salad. Try this great recipe;

Celeriac comes into its own and makes a great accompaniment for game and beef. Why not try this innovative recipe, combining roast celeriac and sweet marsala, for a sticky and delicious caramelised finish.

Mussels are also in season, and perfect cooked in the most classic fashion, with plenty of white wine, cream and garlic. This mussels recipe is quick, inexpensive and packs a serious flavour punch. It’s also ideal for serving at a dinner party, with plenty of rustic bread for dipping!

And finally, don’t forget your autumn desserts – equally good after a meal, or enjoyed with a warming cup of spiced tea on a chilly afternoon. Try these sweet little apple cupcakes, which make use of the season’s Bramley's apples, producing bite-sized apple sponges with a custard top, apple sauce and a fun crunchy crumble. These would be great fun to make with children.