Common faults - Before you book a call out 

Posted: December 04, 2017

We all know the feeling, its coming up to Christmas and your much needed appliance starts playing up. A cost you could really do without looms on the horizon.

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Our engineers get unnecessarily called out to numerous homes every month, to problems that did not require their expert knowledge and skills. Now we are not suggesting you attempt to repair your appliances yourself, this would be very dangerous. However, it might be worth checking a couple of things prior to booking just in case - we know Christmas is costly enough. You would not believe how many appliances simply need plugging back in!

To help you out we’ve compiled a list of common faults on our Home Appliance Care website, that just might help you to avoid booking an engineer or worse, replacing your beloved appliances. Take a look.

If this handy little section does not help you to identify problems with your appliances, then give us a call us on 0844 248 4591 to arrange a visit from one of our fully trained engineers who can identify the fault and in most cases carry out the repair same day.

Sending Christmas wishes

The Home Appliance Care team


Sparkle and shine - Cleaning your gas hob 

Posted: November 29, 2017

Keeping a gas hob sparkling clean can seem a bit of a chore, but it’s easy if you know how.  Clean your hob regularly and you will preserve the finish, prolong its life and improve the general look of your kitchen.  You’ll also eliminate any residual cooking odours.  It really is well worth doing.  Accumulated grease can lead to blockages which may prevent your hob from working effectively – regular cleaning could save you an expensive engineer call-out!

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For the best results make sure that you use the correct materials and dismantle the hob’s various parts before cleaning.  Never use sharp objects to scrape off food deposits – you could scratch the surface.  Whilst special cleaning products have their place, you will probably find good old soap and water to be as effective as anything else.  Harsh abrasives should be avoided as they can damage the materials.

Firstly, soak cooled cast iron pan stands in hot, soapy water and scrape off any food remnants with a wooden or plastic implement.  Leave to dry naturally or use a tea towel.

Burners can get marked with fat and carbon deposits.  Do not soak in the sink or dishwasher.  Instead remove from the hob and use a nylon brush to scrub with bicarbonate of soda and water – they should come up clean.  Ensure that the burners are dry and correctly replaced before using the hob.

If your hob surface is stainless steel, use only soapy, warm water to clean, and then dry with a microfibre cloth for a smear-free finish.  Specialist stainless steel cleaning products like Kitchen Essentials Stainless Steel Cleaner are now available for any really stubborn grime.  Never use generic cleaners as you may scratch or damage the surface.

If you have any plastic or painted parts, gently clean with soapy water or soap filled pads to remove tricky stains.  For enamel parts, use a mild, cream based cleaner.  Avoid harsh abrasives, as they can scratch the finish.

If you need to re-season griddles and supports, drip a little vegetable oil onto the cooking side and spread evenly over the surface with kitchen towel.

And there you have it, a perfectly cleaned hob.  Now you can make midnight feasts without anyone else knowing!

Simple Steps To Revamp your Cooker 

Posted: September 25, 2017

If you’ve invested in a high-quality Newworld cooker or oven at some point during your cooking career, the chances are you may have had it for some years! Many of our customers tell us that they have ‘grown up’ with the Newworld brand in their kitchen, and are loathe to let their favourite and hard-working appliances go!

The great news is too, it’s entirely possible to give your much-loved Newworld cooker or oven a re-vamp, with some new accessories.

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Firstly, invest in a deep clean with some professional cleaning tools to facilitate the job. Try our range of cleaning products which includes stainless steel cleaner, hob cleaner and oven cleaner, which have all been designed to give professional results. We also sell a solid hotplate polish to restore the sleek black finish to your hotplates.

Then, take a look at investing in some new shelves. Your old ones may be warped and carbon-blackened; our spares are an easy upgrade and replacement.

You might also want to replace your pan supports and control knobs. It’s incredible just how discoloured and grimy control knobs become over the years!

Our other top tip would be to consider some new accessories, we have a fantastic range of bakeware and pots and pans to help keep your appliance looking great.